Monday, January 11, 2010

The American Communist Party

Greetings, Comrades!

I've formed this party to fill a great need.

There are dozens of Communist and Socialist parties in this country - all of them small. They argue endlessly over matters that have very little bearing on the world today. They refuse to work together to accomplish the goals of Communism. In short, the Capitalists have nothing to fear from American Communists.

The basic goal of Communism is the end of the exploitation of the Workers by the Capitalists. This goal is shared by all Communist Parties. However, the arguments set in when they speak of Trotsky, Stalin and Mao, and the Chinese Cultural Revolution - none of which are important to the average Worker of the 21st century.

What we need to do, as American Communists, is to forget trying to push the greatness of Stalin and/or Mao - We are Americans, not Russian or Chinese. We need to return to the primary principles of Marxist-Leninist theory, and observe the ideas of Stalin, Mao, Hoxha, and etc... only when they are suitable in an American context.

Too many people in the United States view Communism as a joke or, even worse, a failure. We are not endearing ourselves to them by idolising men that are considered butchers(whether they were or not is irrelevant).

We have unique obstacles to overcome:

1. Latent(and blatant) fear of Communism.
2. The longstanding, but mistaken, belief in American democracy.
3. The Capitalist inspired concept of the "American Dream", which states that anyone can become rich if they work hard enough, and horde enough.

To overcome these things, we need to rehabilitate the image of Communism itself - not the images of long dead Communist leaders. We have to convince the working class that Communism is working for them, and not to enslave them. We must eliminate the arguments within our parties, and form a unified Party - based on the principles of Marx and Lenin. If we are able to begin along this path, we can build a power base that will not be stopped, and won't be put back.

Do we want to remain in isolated, powerless groups? Or do we want to bring about a Socialist future?

All we have to do is decide.

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