Saturday, June 19, 2010

Return To Duty

After a relatively short absence, I'm back.

The revisionist followers of Webb have continued their attacks against me - possibly believing that their double-talk and false understanding of Marxism-Leninism will rub off on me if they repeat it enough. They continue their Obama worship, and expect true Communists to do the same.

Lenin clearly showed the danger of opportunists within the ranks of the greater Marxist community. He knew that their collaboration with the capitalists would mean nothing but trouble and, of course, he was right: The largest Communist party in the U.S. is infected by revisionism and opportunism, the Russian Communist parties have been taken over by nationalists (Lenin warned of "Great-Russian Chauvinism", too), and Communist organisations throughout the world have given themselves over to capitalism to greater or lesser degrees.

Webb and his followers (not by any stretch true Communists), continue to drag the (C)PUSA into positions that are more palatable to the U.S. government. They have embraced bourgeois concepts involving religion (Lenin clearly stated that religion is a private affair, and not to be countenanced by the state or party), elections (only opportunists take part in the electoral process, because Socialism cannot be won through the vote), and co-operation (although in the case of Webb, collaboration would be a more fitting word).

To save Marxism-Leninism, we need to expose those who subvert it.

Sam Webb subverts it.

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