Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Typical Webb Follower.

Faithful followers of the revisionist Sam Webb are all too ready to spew their vile against those that dare to disagree with their "Great Leader".

In a comment to my last post - an anonymous toady of Webb wrote:

"I agree, perhaps Sam Webb, who has been doing concrete work to run the party, should spend some time to read about the writings of Comrade Dimitrov. And perhaps you should go out and do some REAL work, instead of thinking that you can run the country by reading about Comrade Dimitrov's ideology alone. Of course Comrade Dimitrov did not advocate joining the fascists to defeat them, instead he had ACTUAL plans to defeat them in action by working with other allies, and certainly not by asking people to sit at home and read books about other comrades.

By the way....when was the last time you attended a party club meeting, comrade? Bring up the criticisms or comments in the proper party channels instead of an anonymous blog."

See you at the convention....right??

Well, this anonymous Webb toady knows nothing about the work I do. I am extremely active in several organisations here in Erie, as well as WORKING 10 hours a day. I average 4 hours of sleep per night. I doubt that my anonymous "comrade" can say the same.

I do read, and am proud to say that I read as much, and as often, as I can. However, I do far more than just read about things. I work with the homeless, with a local battered women's shelter, with the anti-racism initiative of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, with the local Islamic understanding organisation, and etc... I put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.

Georgi Dimitrov did not ally himself with the allies of the fascists. Webb wishes to join with the democrats, not realising (or caring) that the democrats are just as bad as the republicans. To advocate joining with the democrats to defeat the ultra-right is akin to joining Mussolini to defeat Hitler! You can't stop something that is part and parcel of the system, by joining with something else that is part and parcel of the same system!

I am not a (C)PUSA member, nor do I any longer have the desire to be one. To assume that I am some lax member that is "speaking out of turn", is quiet unwarranted. To go through "proper party channels" would not really work, would it? I choose to express my thought via a blog - as is my right. I have no desire to entangle myself with revisionists, and no desire to attend their watered down, anti-Communist, meetings.

Grow up, educate yourselves, and, most importantly, question the motives of your "Great Leader". He's leading you astray.

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