Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bob Avakian and the RCP

The RCP "Revolutionary Communist Party" is a small, ostensibly Communist, organisation cast in the mold of Maoism. In actuality, it is a dangerous cult of personality that has abandoned the fundamental principles of Marxism-Leninism.

RCP founder Bob Avakian has cast himself in the role of a dictator, having led the group since its inception in 1975. Much like the dictatorships of Eastern Europe, it would appear that only death or disgrace will bring in a (possibly) real Marxist-Leninist to the leadership position.

An email from a comrade might help to expose Avakian and his cult (the italics are mine):

"The RCP is supposedly Maoist but they are and always have been and always will be a complete cult. It's all about this Avakian moron, who paints himself as a combination of Marx, Elvis, Lenin, Dylan and Mao. It's a shame that so many kids who could do good work end up being taken in by the RCP's web. I've read some of their stuff and it's all garbage, this "New Synthesis". Anything I found good about any of it were things already out there that Avakian cleverly refashioned to call it his own.
One of our comrades came out of the RCP alive and I'd like to talk to him about that sometime.
One RCP thing: about 2-3 years ago on the internet somewhere (youtube maybe) I saw video
of a New York protest and a bunch of RCP members, all young females I think, holding hands
and dancing in a circle chanting "Avakian is the answer" over and over. Yes the working class
and oppressed won't rally around jobs and quality of life, but they will about Bob Avakian. Creepy."

I must confess that I have not seen the above mentioned video, but I can say that it is indeed true that the "New Synthesis" is nothing but a rehash of material that has already been written - combined with a cultish elevation of Avakian to "Chairman" status. It is really quite disturbing.

The blurb about one of his books, "Phony Communism Is Dead... Long Live Real Communism!", states:

"A bold and challenging book that cuts right to the debate of our times. Is capitalism the best of all possible worlds? Avakian contrasts the brutal realities of the free market to the claims of its defenders."

This clearly shows his concept of Communism: It is the same as every other Communist's concept of Communism. Is capitalism bad? YES! I don't need a fuhrer to tell me that!

His books and website are colorful and flashy, designed to attract the young and suggestible. His name is repeated over, and over, and over again. A Communist with a messiah complex is a danger to Communism, and to the world at large.

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