Friday, March 26, 2010

The Shame of the CPUSA

This will be a very short post.

I am deeply ashamed to see what has become of the CPUSA - a once proud Communist organisation. Every day I read something which confirms that it has abandoned Socialism, and has embraced an imperialist (democrat) agenda topped off with a generous sprinkling of Obama worship.

A new article in Political Affairs Magazine, available here, suggests that the current trends in the CPUSA are traditionally Communist. The author states, for instance, that: "I do not think the current strategic policy of the party really forsakes any of our traditional values..." This author knows nothing about Marxist-Leninist values if he believes that the current platform of the CPUSA is traditional.

And: "Instead of laying the blame for the party's slow growth at the foot of our strategic policy, perhaps we should instead question whether our failure to significantly grow could be related to the fact that the party is still seen by many in the broader left and especially among the general public as out-of-date in both its traditional terminology and yes, even its name." So, here the author suggests that it is the name of the party that is the problem. Well, I agree. The CPUSA can no longer be properly called Communist, as it has forsaken Communism. Perhaps a better name would be the Democratic Party - the Sam Webb led (C)PUSA doesn't seem to be any different than the Democrats - so why not just dissolve and join them?

A third point the author makes: "If the policy of defeating the ultra-right was correct in the 1980s, the 1990s, and 2008, how can it not be just as correct now that we are in a moment of transition toward a time when we can more forcefully go on the offensive?" Clearly, the ultra-right has not been defeated. Since the right is an intregal part of the system, and since the Democrats are part of that system, how can joining with the Democrats help to "defeat" the ultra-right? The Democrats, and their current demi-god Obama, are just as capitalist and imperialist as the worst of the ultra-right, and supporting them will not achieve anything but the strengthening of American imperialism.

When Georgi Dimitrov formulated the idea of uniting against fascism - he was reacting to a violent spectre that was extending its tentacles into every part of Europe. The difference? Comrade Dimitrov DID NOT advocating joining with the fascists in order to defeat them!

The (C)PUSA leadership (Sam Webb in particular) needs to read the writings of Comrade Dimitrov to learn what it really means to fight the ultra-right. Bowing down before the enemy is not the way to achieve success.


  1. The Yellow ChineseMarch 29, 2010 at 8:52 PM

    I agree, perhaps Sam Webb, who has been doing concrete work to run the party, should spend some time to read about the writings of Comrade Dimitrov. And perhaps you should go out and do some REAL work, instead of thinking that you can run the country by reading about Comrade Dimitrov's ideology alone. Of course Comrade Dimitrov did not advocate joining the fascists to defeat them, instead he had ACTUAL plans to defeat them in action by working with other allies, and certainly not by asking people to sit at home and read books about other comrades.

    By the way....when was the last time you attended a party club meeting, comrade? Bring up the criticisms or comments in the proper party channels instead of an anonymous blog.

    See you at the convention....right??

  2. I am not a member of the (C)PUSA. Why would I attend your conventions? You don't know anything about me - how could you know what work I do, or how often I do it? I do know how to read, but that's not all I know how to do, and I would suggest that you do a bit more reading, and a bit less Sam Webb "Great Leadering".

    Comrade Dimitrov did not ally himself with the fascists, or their allies. Webb wants to ally with the democrats to defeat the ultra-right. The democrats, however, are part and parcel of the American capitalist system. Allying with them is like allying with Mussolini to defeat Hitler.

    If Webb and his revisionist toadies want to completely abandon Communism, as you all clearly do, then perhaps you should start sending your donations to Obama and his coffers - rather than smearing the fundamental principles of Marxism-Leninism.