Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More CPUSA Revisionism

In an article in the CPUSA magazine Political Affairs (available here), John Case argues that the capitalist backtracking of Deng Xiaoping was necessary. What?

He goes on to say:

"I side with Gorbachev, for example, who claimed that had it not been for the Russian people's disgust and contempt for Reagan's insulting and hostile actions toward the Soviet Union, the defective aspects of that system would have collapsed 10 years BEFORE it actually did."

Well, to side with Gorbachev in anything is to admit that you are a revisionist. Gorbachev, instead of trying to stabilize the Soviet government - simply let it collapse. Raisa Gorbachev said in her book, "I Hope", that neither she, nor her husband were ever really Marxist, and clearly, they were not! Faced with a Soviet Union that had been mangled since Khrushchev, Gorbachev did nothing but institute capitalist "reforms".

Obviously, there is no way to determine when something might have collapsed, as Case and Gorbachev did. The idea that mere insults from a foreign leader would cause people to cling to a "defective system" is ridiculous. The reality of the situation is that revisionism was the cause of the demise of the Soviet Union.

Case goes on to praise China as if he were fawning over a movie star, clearly showing that, for those influenced by samwebbism, capitalism is fine - as long as there is some token mention of Socialism. Read the CPUSA website to see their stance: "We are against capitalism." They are? Then how can they claim that capitalism in China is okay, simply because the Chinese people are becoming wealthier? Capitalism is okay if it makes you rich?

The CPUSA has lost its claim to being Communist. The leadership of (C)PUSA are nothing but revisionists that see no problem with capitalism - despite their claims to the contrary - and shamelessly promote that to their membership.

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