Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It is disturbing to read the platform of the Webb led CPUSA, even after having read it several times in the past. The CPUSA has degenerated into a social-democrat type organisation that has as its main priority the defeat of the "ultra-right". In fact, in "The Road to Socialism USA", available here, it states:

"This unity will include an ever-growing Left-Center political coalition that includes the Democratic Party, left and progressive independents who recognize the danger the ultra-right poses, and all social movements on the major issues of our day. This all-peoples front should strive to, and be able to, attract many who voted Republican in the past."

It is quite clear that the Webb led CPUSA is in the pocket of the imperialist government of the U.S. They have chosen collaboration over Revolution, imperialism over the Working Class, capitalism over Communism, and they are trying to convince the impressionable that this is correct Marxist-Leninist strategy.

What Sam Webb fails to realise is that the Democratic Party is just as capitalist, just as imperialist, as the Republicans. The Democrats may hide their agenda in labour-friendly terms, but they are the same as the worst of the Republicans. Some may remember how almost every Democratic senator voted to allow Bush to invade Iraq. After it became clear that the invasion was based on lies, most of them backtracked slightly -though none of them admitted that the invasion was wrong- and began pushing for our withdrawal. Today, Iraq is barely mentioned, and all of our focus is on Afghanistan (which some in the CPUSA seem to be okay with on the grounds that it it for "humanitarian" reasons that we are there. "Humanitarian" imperialism is imperialism, and is just as destructive).

Besides, when was the last time you saw a poor Democrat politician (at least on the national level)? The Democrats that you see in the Senate are capitalists through and through, and would hotly denounce any hint of joining with the Communists. Remember how Obama reacted to be called a Socialist? To him it was a dirty word.

Collaboration with the Democrats is unacceptable, and for Sam Webb to push such a union makes him a traitor to the principles of Marxism-Leninism. Softening the Revolutionary nature of Communism will not achieve anything but the ultimate disintegration of the movement.

We need to return to the core principles of Marxism-Leninism, and denounce those who would subvert those principles for their own political ends.

Here is to removing Sam Webb, and all his cohorts, from the leadership of the CPUSA!

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